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We have our player evaluations scheduled and players must attend the tryout to be selected for the desired level. 
For those familiar with the process, checklists and schedules are below.  For those unfamiliar with the process a full explanation is in subsequent pages.
Important Checklist:  Evaluations take place on skinned or grass fields. Cleats needed. See important checklist below and make sure you have all items for the evaluation.
  • Cleats
  • Baseball Attire (pants, hat, cup)
  • Official PONY or Little League Approved Bat (DO NOT go out and purchase new expensive bats this year, as PONY & Little League are changing their requirements)
  • Batting-Helmet
  • Glove
Schedule: Arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of evaluations and 30 minutes prior to finish of evaluations as some sessions may end earlier than expected.
  • 7 / 8 All Players Saturday, January 14th, 21st, or 28th 9:00 9:30-10:30 BB:Davi 1 / SB: Davi 2
  • 9 / 10 All Players Saturday, January 14th, 21st, or 28th 10:00 10:30-11:30 BB:Davi 1 / SB: Davi 2
  • 11/ 12 All Players Saturday, January 14th, 21st, or 28th 11:00 11:30-12:45 BB:Davi 1 / SB: Davi 2
  • 13 - 16 All Players Saturday, January 14th, 21st, or 28th 9:45 10:15-12:00 BB:CP3 / SB:CP2\

Please print the schedule and keep for your records.

For those who have not gone through the evaluation process, more detailed information is below.  Please read carefully.  If you have any questions, please contact the player agent.
What happens at the evaluations? 
PBSA uses a player evaluation process to determine eligibility and skill level. Players will be assigned a day and time to arrive for their scheduled evaluation (See schedule above). Due to the high volume of players who show up to evaluations, you are strongly encouraged to arrive 20 minutes early and plan to stay for 2 hours. When players arrive at the evaluation they will be directed to the registration table. Only players who are paid registrants will be allowed to participate in the tryouts. All players are given an identification number to attach to the back of their shirts.  Players will move to a warm up area.
Players rotate through each station until all players have completed each station.  Players are rated on a scale from 1-5. 
1. Live Hitting: Players will hit live balls.
2. Fielding Ground Balls: Players will field ground balls.
3. Fielding Ground Balls and throwing: Players will field ground balls and throw to first.
4. Agility Drill
5. Fly balls: Players will catch 3 to 5 fly balls thrown or hit by a coach.
6. Four Corners: Throwing and Catching Drill.
7. Pitching: Players will go through a pitching station. 
Timing:  Sessions will begin on time, and we ask that you get your player to evaluations 30 minutes prior to check-in.  Sessions will vary in duration based on the number of players during each session.  Parents, please plan on arriving 30 minutes prior to pick up in case the session ends sooner.  Also, leave mobile number with your child.
In the warm-up area, players find partners throw balls and loosen arms. When evaluators are ready for players, they will be instructed to move to a station.  Players must listen to coaches. 
I volunteered to coach. Does my player need to attend evaluations?
Volunteering to coach is not an assignment to coach and coaches will not be assigned until after evaluations.  In addition, trying out for a level does not guarantee a player will play at that level. Evaluating all players is necessary to ensure the creation of competitive teams and to maintain a safe environment for all players.
What if it rains or I can’t make the scheduled tryout day?
In the event that tryouts are canceled due to rain, a makeup day will be scheduled for all players. If a player’s schedule prevents him from attending evaluations, please contact the player agent prior to the evaluations or the player will be placed in a pool to be selected at his lowest eligibility level. With many of players attending evaluations, it is important for the league to have all players accounted for and appropriately placed.
What if a player can’t participate in the tryouts due to an injury?
A player who is physically unable to participate in the tryouts due to a temporary injury (E.g. broken arm, sprained ankle, etc or illness) must contact the player agent. 
What happens after evaluations?
After evaluations, players receive a composite score and draft ranking.  Sometime in January 28th, coaches will begin the draft process.  The 11/12 yr olds Draft happens first.  Players not selected in the 11/12 yr old  Draft are slotted for 9/10 yr olds.  Players not selected in the 9/10 yr olds Division are slotted into the 7/8 yr olds draft.  Players not selected in the 7/8 yr olds draft will be slotted to 5/6 yrs olds.  Once a player is drafted onto a team, the parent is notified by the team-manager