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District 4 Tournament of Champions

The District 4 end of season Tournament of Champions will take place starting June 10 - June 16th.  The TOC brackets are now available on our TOC Tournament Bracket page.  Please check them frequently as these brackets will be updated as teams are drop-out and add on.  For TOC, one team from the following divisions will be represented in the tournament:


  • (7/8/9) AA Minors Baseball – Coach Jamar R  
  • (9-10) Minors Baseball – Coach Jahmar 
  • (9/10/11) Minors Softball – Coach Harts 
  • (11/12) Majors Baseball –  
  • (11/12) Majors Softball – Coach Adoru 
  • (13-14) Juniors Baseball – Coach Juan 
  • (13-16) Seniors Softball – Coach Ben 


Arrival Time: Teams should arrive a minimum of one hour prior to the start time. 


For each TOC and All-Star game, each team must present the following items to the Tournament Director prior to the game:

·         Team Roster

·         Medical Release Form

·         1 Manager and 2 Coaches California Driver’s License or Identification card