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1. What children are eligible to play in PLL? 
PLL accepts players ages 4 – 18 who live within the 94565 zip code. To find out of you meet the PLL boundary requirement, click on the “PLL Boundary” links to view the map.

Players who played in PLL during the 2012 season; but have moved out of the city and would still like to play here, contact Player Agent, Michele Johnson   for more information.

2. How old must my child be in order to play baseball or softball?       
Baseball players (girls and boys) – Must be between the ages of 4 – 18 by April 30, 2013
Softball players (girls only) – Must be between the ages of 4 – 18 by December 31, 2012
3.What items may I provide as proof of residency?   

Residence Eligibility Requirements for all divisions of play has been amended to read, in part:

Residence shall be established and supported by documents, dated or in force between February 1, 2012 (previous year) and February 1, 2013 (current year), from THREE OR MORE of the following categories to determine residency of such parent(s) or guardian:

Summary and Implementation: For the 2012 season, this requires players’ parents or guardians to provide residency documentation dated or in force between February 1, 2012 (previous year) and February 1, 2013 (current year). This means, for instance, that a Driver’s License that was issued a number of years earlier, but was in force between the dates noted, is acceptable. However, a utility bill that is dated outside of the dates noted, is not acceptable.

Parents are able to select from a combination of items to provide LL as proof of residency. The items they may submit are:

  1.  Driver’s License
  2.  Voter’s Registration
  3.  School records
  4.  Welfare/child care records
  5.  Federal records
  6.  State records
  7.  Local (municipal) records
  8.  Support payment records
  9.  Homeowner or tenant records
  10. Utility bills (i.e. gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal)
  11. Financial (loan, credit, investments, etc.) records
  12. Insurance documents
  13. Medical records
  14. Military records
  15. Internet, cable or satellite records
  16. Vehicle records
  17. Employment records

Note: Example – Three utility bills (three items from No. 10 above) constitute only ONE document.
4. What is the cost to play?   
The Pittsburg Little League registration fees are tiered based upon players age. Below is the tiered list of the registeration fees
•        Ages 4 – 6              $110
•        Ages 7 – 12            $140
•        Ages 13 – 18          $155
•        Big League –           $60
•        Raffle Tickets           $25 (per child) or $50 (per family with 2 or more children)
5. I have multiple children in the league; do I receive a discount on their registration fees?
We do not offer a discount per child; however we do offer a family registration fee cap of $390.
6. Do you offer financial assistance for families in need?     
PLL offer our families payment arrangements to allow them the ability to payments to accommodate their budgets. 
We also offer a limited number of scholarships for families. Parents must submit a copy of the front page of their taxes to be considered for scholarships.
7. How do I make payment arrangements?       
Payments arrangements are available in two installments with all fees being paid prior to tryouts. Families may make payment arrangements at the time of registration with Candice Faulkner.
8. What does the cost include?
Player registration fees cover the cost of PLL Little League International Charter fees, District 4 fees, insurance, uniforms (hat, pants, socks and belt) and league operating cost.
9. How do I become a coach or manager of my child(ren)’s team?          
To become a manager or coach in PLL, for 
-       Marshall Collins @ 
-       Dan Flores @

10. How do I sign up to be an umpire?     
To volunteer to be a PLL Umpire, please visit the Umpire Page on the PLL website. (Under Construction) or contact Chief Umpire, Norm Downing at 

11. What is the Pittsburg National Little League phone number?  
(925) 291-0107
12. What is the local Emergency Response phone number?
(925) 646-2441
13. Is my child required to tryout?
All players ages 7 – 18 including second or third year 6 year old and previous returners from Majors and above division - are required to attend 50% of the scheduled tryout dates and times. Six year olds may tryout if they played tee ball the previous season and is approved by the President and Player Agent.
Failure to attend the minimum required tryouts will result in the following actions to the players:


  • Ineligible to be drafted to a team; therefore they will be placed on teams using the blind draft method
  • Ineligible to participate in All Star Tournaments

14. Do the tryouts determine if my child will be on a team or not?
PLL tryouts are an assessment of players skills set to determine the right division to place them. All players who sign up will be assigned to a team unless they are on the waiting list.
15. When and where will tryouts take place?
Tryouts dates are being determined by the Board and the dates and times will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

The final breakdown of the age groups has not been determined and will be posted on our website once the information is available.
16. How will we be notified of the tryout dates and time?
Parents will receive a text, email or phone call the first week of January to notify them of the dates and times of tryouts.
17. What if I am unable to attend any of the tryout dates and do not meet the minimum tryout requirement?
If a player does not attend the minimum scheduled tryout session, they will be placed on a waiting list and assigned to teams as space becomes available.

If a player is unable to attend parents must provide written notification to the Player Agent, Michele Johnson at of the extenuating circumstances, prior to the tryout dates. PLL is very conscious of events coming up which may change our plans. We ask parents to communicate with us information to allow the Board to make a well informed decision.

A. Preseason Tryouts
PLL host tryouts during the month of January. (Check the website for details)
Based on the player’s performance during the tryouts, he or she may be drafted by a manager to play at the higher level of their eligibility. Participating at the Tryouts does not guarantee the player will be drafted to the higher Division, but a player must participate in his or her age-level tryouts to be eligible to play at the higher level.
B. Player Safety
In the interest of a player’s safety or development, PLL President and Player Agent may place a player in a lower division other than indicated in the age chart above.
For example, Little League requires all 12 year-olds, regardless of their experience level, be assigned to the Majors Division. However, a player may pose a physical or emotional safety risk being in the upper division. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the player, the President and Player Agent with the approval of the District 4 Administrator, may opt to place the player in a lower division.
18. What happens at the Tryouts?  
PLL uses tryouts to assess a player’s knowledge and skill level of the game. 
Players are rated on a scale of 0 – 5 on the following categories:
•        Ground Balls
•        Fly Balls
•        Throwing
•        Hitting
•        Bunting
•        Base running
Due to the large number of players who show up to tryouts, you are strongly encouraged to arrive 45-30 minutes early and plan to stay for 2-3 hours.
19. Will tryouts be rescheduled if it rains? How will the parents be notified?  
In the event of inclement weather the week of tryouts, please visit our website www.pittsburgbaseball.org for hourly updates on the field condition. We will also send out a message cast to our parents the Friday evening before tryouts.
20. How are players assigned to teams?
Players in the Seniors, Intermediate (50/70), Majors, and Minors divisions are placed on teams by through one of the following options:


  • If a player attends tryouts, they are eligible to be drafted to a team based upon their age and skill level
  • If a player does not attend tryouts and does not have prior approval from the Player Agent, s/he will be placed on a team via the blind draft by age.
  • If a player does not attend tryouts and has received approval from the Player Agent, s/he will be eligible for the draft

 The Tee Ball division teams are determined through a blind draft.
All team rosters are subject to review by the Player Agent and changes may be made to ensure a balance in each team within a division.
21. What is a “Call-up”?
“Call-up” refers to a player who is playing in a lower division and has been requested to play in an upper division for one or more of the following:


  • Maintain equal number of players in the Majors division
  • Player skill-set exceeds their current division and they pose a safety risk to other players

Managers may not select from a player more than one level below their current division.
PLL employs a Player Call-up Process: 

    • Manager must notify the Player Agent of the reason a roster spot may become available
    • Upon approval by the President and Player Agent, a player is released from a team and the manager is able to fill the vacated roster spot with an eligible player:
    • Eligible Players in order in which they may be selected:
    • 12 years old on the PLL waiting list
    • AAA Minors players who is rated a 13 or higher in tryouts by the Tryout Administrator
    • 10 and 11 year olds on the waiting list who attended tryouts
    • 10 and 11 year olds on the waiting list who did not attend tryouts
    • The manager selects a player from the available pool
    • Player Agent notifies the player’s parents/guardians and the player’s current manager

The AAA Minors team who loses a player will be permitted to fill the vacated roster spot, through the following process:

  • 11 years old on the PLL waiting list
  • AA Minors players who is rated a 10 or higher in tryouts by the Tryout Administrator
  • 9 and 10 year olds on the waiting list who attended tryouts
  • 9 and 10 year olds on the waiting list who did not attend tryouts

The process stops at the A Minors level as they may managers may only select from the waiting list. Therefore, vacant roster spots will be filled by the Player Agent using the following methods:

  • 9 year olds on the waiting list who attended tryouts
  • Second year 6 year olds – 8 years old who attended tryouts
  • Second year 6 year olds – 9 year olds who did not attend tryouts

22.  Does a player and their parent have an option to be “Called Up?”
PLL has put controls in place to ensure players are not called up before they are ready physically or mentally. Therefore, players and parents are not permitted to decide if and when they are called up. 
For more information or questions, please contact League President Marshall Collins 
23. I’m not happy with my son’s team assignment. What can I do?
Unfortunately PLL is unable to guarantee team’s players will be assigned; therefore once the teams have been assigned TRADES ARE NOT PERMITTED. This helps ensure the balance of the teams and potential “sand-bagging” during tryouts. 

If there are extenuating circumstances before the teams are formed, email   
with the details and the PLL Board will review the request.

24. When does the season start?
League training sessions will take place beginning January 5 through February 9. Team practice will begin Saturday, February 16, 2013. Games usually start the end of March or beginning of April.
25. Where are the games played?
 Regular season and TOC games may be played throughout District 4. The exact locations and games TBD.
26. When and where are practices scheduled?
Practice usually starts the second week of February. There are at least two practices held a week. Practices are held throughout Pittsburg/Bay Point area.
27. Who do I contact if I have questions or feedback regarding PLL?
For questions about PLL, you may click on the "Feedback" link on the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page or contact the following board members:


  • League Feedback and Complaints – Marshall Collins
  • Payments, outstanding balances – Candice Faulkner
  • Baseball Managers, Coaches, schedules – Marshall Collins/ Dan Flores
  • Softball Managers, Coaches, schedules – Dan Flores/ Frank Chamblee
  • Challengers Division - A.J. Fardella
  • Players Relations, registration, tryouts, team assignments – Michele Johnson
  • Field Availability and Equipment - Dan Flores
  • Website and League Communication - Ron Berry, Michele Johnson and Tasia Turner
  • League Membership - Tasia Turner
  • High School Volunteers - Lee Dozier
  • Obtaining coaching training, materials, equipment, practice assistance – Frank Chamblee
  • Umpires, LL & District 4 rules – Norm Downing
  • Snack Bar – Marshall Collins
  • Sponsorships and Fundraising - Joe Arce
  • Reporting injury reports, safety guidelines, first aid kits – Charassa Johnson