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The Gift of Support
Your support – in patience, in passion, and in praise, is vital. You must give your child full support,
regardless of the outcome of the games. For if YOU are not confident in your child, how do you
expect them to be confident in themselves? This comes in words and action, as body language
speaks volumes without words. Baseball/Softball is a game that is not a parent pleaser. There are no better
tools to buy to help your child, and as it is a team sport, being in the right place at the right time so
one looks correct in technique, takes a long time to learn. Mistakes are going to happen. A lot. An
awful lot. Relax and focus on what is going right, for those are the things to remember.  
Baseball/Softball is your season to be the unconditionally loving parent you want to be.  If your child’s coach
is coaching on the field and you are coaching your child in the car then kids doesn't have a safe
place to go and eventually tunes both out of you out.  But, if you are unconditionally supportive win or
lose, success or failure, then your child not only digs your relationship more, but you help them build
confidence and give them more personal strength.  Thus, the coaches can better guide each athlete
to new personal bests – Citius, Altius, Fortius as the Olympic and thus Junior Olympic motto reads.
You and the coach work in concert to help your child to be swifter, higher, and stronger each day,
both on and off the field, as parents as partners with the coach.