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Pittsburg Baseball Softball Assodistion is committed to improving the skills and knowledge of the game for our players, parents, coaches, managers, umpires, volunteers and board members through training opportunities over the course of the season. The core of our training program is taking the core life skills players use daily and incorporating them into how we teach the game of baseball and softball.

Our training program will consist of following areas:
  • Rules Clinics
  • Umpire Clinics
  • Fundamental Skills Training
  • Monthly Age and Divisional Practices
  • Weekly Pitching and Catchers Practice
  • Monthly Pitching and Catchers Clinics
We encourage our parents to bring their players to these sessions as well as attend and participate themselves. If you would like more information about our training program, please contact the PBSA Coaching Coordinator - Frank Chamblee at or at (925) 565-5108.