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Carla Moore                                                                                         Softball Assistant District Administrator
1998 Oakridge Lane                                                                                                Home 925-427-5222
Pittsburg California 94565                                                                                      Cell    925-207-1192
California District Four Softball
2013 Interleague Rules
  1.  No league shall cease play with another league of their own accord.  If any league drops out of play without the approval of the ADA, that league will not participate in the Tournament of Champions at any level in Softball.
  1. Pitching Record  - If the Pitching Record is NOT up-to-date, the Opposing Manager is to contact Carla Moore, ADA Softball, , (925) 207-1192.
Consequences of an Incomplete Pitching Record
            1st Offense:   1 Game Suspension
            2nd Offense:  2 Game Suspension
            3rd Offense:  3 Game Suspension
4th – will come before Carla Moore, ADA Softball and the Board of Directors of the Manager’s league